Jeff Hitchcock Photography
  Biography of Jeff Hitchcock

Jeff Hitchcock was born in Erie, PA and was raised in a host of towns and small cities up and down the eastern seaboard. He earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in the commercial/visual arts in 1989 at the University of Central Florida.

Most of what inspired Jeff early on was illustration and photography and he worked as a graphic designer for three years after college. Soon thereafter, Jeff traveled throughout the United States finding work where he could, photographing towns and mountain regions along the way. In May 1993 he settled in Provincetown, MA and began to focus on the photography and the unique light and skies that are prevalent on the cape during the autumn and winter months.

Jeff's early work on the cape focused around the general landscape and he built a large body of images and displayed them in shops and galleries around the cape and the northern coast.

Lately Jeff has been experimenting with a new style that he calls 'abstract landscape.' This style shows more the artist's creative eye and focuses more on artistic vision and not technical wizardry. These images showcase Jeff Hitchcock's own unique sense of color, light and composition and he believes this "explains more of what the artist can create with a certain vision in mind and not just what a camera can do."

All of his images are created with an older style, more basic manual single reflex camera combined with a host of different lenses.

None of his images are manipulated with colored filters or digital enhancements.